Annie Lanciano, a graduate of the School of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University (2016), was born in Israel and currently lives in Miami. Annie started her degree in the School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University, Israel, and from there transferred to FAU to finish her studies. There she received many awards and graduated with high honors as a cum laude.


Annie is a dynamic and ambitious architectural designer with experience in various projects. She has experience in both interior design and architecture, as she is currently working at Sarah Z Designs, designing and developing construction documents for interior designs.


Lanciano possesses impeccable technical and computer skills with advanced knowledge of AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Adobe among other programs used in the architectural field. Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills ensure that every project she works on is done accurately and to the highest standard. 


ANNIE LANCIANO B.Arch  /  Mobile (+972) 055.925.2288  /  Email